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Sep 3, 2013

Twig Hangers From the Backyard...

What a treat for the eyes....
Twigs from the yard with  a twine loop tied to the 
center equals the perfect hangers for your
 antique children's clothing and more.  
Lovin' the luscious trim on the center petticoat.... and rolled sheet music anyone?
Thank you Old Gray Mare for inspiring us today!

And if you'd like an even easier twig hanger option... 
See that 2nd hanger from the left and how it is not straight 
but has a bit of a rise or bend in the center? 
That 'rise' is the perfect spot for hanging on a nail - no twine needed.  
And sticks with bends are easy to find!
My antique booth has sported just such a hanger often.


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