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Aug 15, 2013

A Pinterest Burlap Idea (for your closet)...

Of course - who doesn't love Pinterest.  It's great fun 
to wake up to my emails each day and see 'who pinned what' 
from my boards.  Today I saw a pin and couldn't remember 
what it was (not all that unusual actually).
  And look...
Burlap covered hangers?  Perfect!  (and the staging? 
Laying on lace? - perfect too!)  Thank you Little Miss Maggie 
for today's inspiration.  It's beginning to feel like Fall here 
(yes - in the middle of August!)  
Burlap & Fall - they sorta go together dontcha think?
Do you have a Pin from your emails today to share?  
Let me know and I'll put it in a post!

1 comment:

D said...

Joyce. Love the hangers! My daughter's wedding is fast approaching, and some of her reception d├ęcor is burlap and lace. Now if I can just squeeze this project in! Perhaps wiser to do these for Christmas, sigh...D.


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