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Jul 1, 2013

Mix and Match Curtains - a Bargain Solution...

My living room curtains (the plain ecru curtains 
in the photo) are probably 30 years old.  
(You're welcome to roll your eyes at me ....)  
 When I washed them last week those old curtains 
finally gave up the ghost and all but 2 panels
 came out with tears and shredding.  
Curtains at these windows are a necessity.  
So using what was left -  here's what I came up with...
One remaining original side panel still adorns each 
 spanse of window (there are 2 sets of windows).
Then I used the rose sheer scarves to form another 'panel'.  
And the scarves?  Picked them up for about $2 each a few years ago
 just 'cause they were too pretty to not pick up at that price!
Can someone say window mistreatment?
 It's a bit unique perhaps... but at least now my windows are 
'dressed' and I can take my time to shop for replacements...or not...

Amazing the things you come up with when you're cheap frugal. :)


Rhetta said...

How original and resourceful! Reading your post earlier today inspired me to see if a rummage sale flat sheet would make pretty curtains for the spare room. (Several years ago I 'temporarily' hung an on-hand lace tabletop square over the rod.) Sure enough, the vintage floral sheet blends with the room and should be easy to transform into panels. The matching fitted sheet can be turned into a pillow covers. Thanks for the inspiration to use what we have!

A Few Pennies said...

I love white curtains, especially in the summer months. I recently found some white canvas café style curtains at thrift shop and just love them in my kitchen! Sometimes a change is needed even when we least expect it; yours turned out pretty.


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