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Jun 29, 2013

Bargain Boutique Soaps...

I had a great morning strolling through yard sales in my 
little town.  And strolling it was - I took my
 time and just enjoyed the experience.   
I'm preferring this unhurried pace of life more and more!

Thought I'd share my favorite find with you...
 These little soaps are $10 for a set of 3 -
 according to the Ten Thousand Villages website.  
And do they ever smell wonderful!  
(By the way - if you don't have a TTV near you - by all means - shop their site!  
They are an awesome Christian fair trade ministry with delightful unique goods!)

But the going price for me just this morning?
$1 - for 4 bars!  Now how fun is that?  
I find boutique style soaps and candles with some regularity 
at garage sales.   They are great for gifts and
 sometimes (like today) for my own pampering!
 So if you haven't been to a yard sale for a while - 
go with relaxation in mind.  

Chat with your neighbors, 
make a new friend and find a treasure or two.
  What a great start to my day it has been!

1 comment:

Hives and Honey Bees said...

What fun and a good find.


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