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Sep 10, 2013

Fall Vignettes at the Thrift Shop...

Posting a few of my latest dress rack displays for you.  
(again - difficult to photograph as there is no 'back' to them.)

This first one used several sprays of faux flowers.  
To put the 'grass' in the basket - I had to bend the stems 
substantially (no cutting as they are 'for sale').
  I can't figure out why that wooden etched
 grapes plate hasn't sold yet - it's a great Fall piece!
The black frame below was just that - a black frame.  
The bee graphic that I popped inside is actually 
a piece of wallpaper from a sample book - love it!  
The pillow sold within minutes after getting this grouping together.  
Vintage planters in creams and browns make great Fall accents. 
Mini pumpkins and gourds would display great with them 
(I didn't have any.)

 This next vignette is my favorite - but photographed 
horribly.  The man and lady figures are lamp bases
 aren't they great?  Baskets are cheap and work for every season... 
but my favorite for them by far - is Fall!

Next - I guess I'd better get some Fall into my home!

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