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Feb 16, 2013

Kitchen Countertop Pantry...

Tupperware?  Plastic?  I'm discovering it's not the best for long term 
pantry storage.  That plastic smell leaks into the food after a while.  
I've decided glass will be the wave of the future for me.  
Trouble is - right now I've no good cupboard or pantry area 
that can handle the weight of all the glass.  
  I like easy access - and this little corner is my food prep area 
'cause its the only area close to the stove.  This is the 'before'...
 And after today's efforts....
bummer - this one got blurry!
 I picked up 4 canister jars at Target (under $6 each!) and used 
Mason & miscellaneous other jars to help corral my ingredients.
 Yep, right there on the kitchen counter...
This stretch of counter needed a bit of rearrange too.
  Believe it or not - this is the 'after'.  Looks a bit cluttered I know...
 I grouped in small vignettes to help calm the chaos a bit. 
Some things are 'out' because I want to remember to use them soon.
 I'm hoping some of these jars can eventually be in a  lazy susan pantry
of sorts that we'll have to create - but for now - a countertop pantry it is!
 And talk about awesome!   Don't even attempt to clean a kitchen 
area without some orange cleaner.  I think I bought this at Dollar Tree.  
The spray trigger doesn't even work right it's so cheap.  
I simply dumped some onto my wet rag to use it. 
Does it ever do a number on grease!
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Deedy said...

Congrats on the organizing! Looks good, and yes, vinettes are sweet, and yours tell a story...Soothing, and comforting. Envy all that counter space... Alas the little Villagehouse kitchen is small, but functional. Glass jars? Awesome..

Deborah Spaulding said...

Love what you did with the jars! Great idea. I am with you I am trying to convert all storage containers to glass.


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