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Sep 12, 2012

Vignettes Of The Day....

Twas my day to play at the thrift shop where I 
volunteer once a week.  Here's a peek at my dress rack 
displays - from my most favorite to my least.

First up - loved this pillow and bag together - 
the rest just sorta fell into place...
 2nd - wanted to showcase the long candle (would have 
rather it not be in a bag - but it is 'new' and that's how 
they are selling it...).  Loved the glittery basket...
 3rd - a few men's ties and a fall foliage bag round out 
this flower arrangement that someone thought needed 
to be in a vignette - so of course - I accommodated...
 Last - this one looks fine in person - but is just a 'busy mess' 
in a photo... It truly was a cute basket of fall colored
 upholstery fabrics and trims.... Next week I'll try again!
My common element in each of these today was the
 sewing pattern tissue 'filler' that I used here and there.  
In the last vignette - the paper is not visible.  It's on the 
back side - which is cuter than the front.  
I'm sorry I didn't get a photo.

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