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Sep 20, 2012

Autumn On The Porch...

Yesterday - a dear friend brought me a gift (thank you!) 
- 3 small pumpkins and a mum.   Timing was perfect
 to create some needed front porch decor.
First up - I placed the 'generic greenhouse' black pot into 
a pretty yellow pot that I saved from somewhere - much better!
 While scouring for the the yellow planter - I noticed the 
wooden barrel that I brought home from my booth last week.  
I was already planning to do a galvanized tub display
 - inspired by this blog post.  But I needed something
 to put the plant on... the barrel will work fine.
 I planned to fill the the tub with pumpkins.  Volunteer pumpkins have been growing in my flower bed.   
(LOVE that they're free - but did have to tolerate an unplanned messy flower bed ALL season!)  
But I do not have enough to fill my tub yet - so filler was required.  
See the peek of green below?  They are large faux
 evergreen Christmas balls and they'll work just great.

Some pinecones (the BIG ones - forget what they're called) also help 
fill my tub.  It pays to save stuff! I use these at Christmas too. 
You can't beat the detail of this beauty.
A Fall topiary in a tub?  Has a bit more presence than I 
was originally thinking & might be seen better from the road.  
And those light colored pumpkins?  Butternut squash!  
They make the best pumpkin pie ever!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

It is a beautiful Fall display! All the more lovely because of gifts from a friend. :)

Joy said...

Way cool!!! So nice and colorful!
Besides, I learned something new. I never knew you could make pumpkin pie from butternut squash. Sounds yummy!


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