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Apr 7, 2012

Responding to Blog Comments...

I love to receive comments on my blog - 
don't you?  I like to leave comments 
on others' blogs - don't you?  But we're all 
busy... spinning our wheels so-to-speak...
taken at Ephrata Cloister living history museum
Leaving and receiving comments is so much 
fun because it gives the opportunity to make 
a new blogging friend.  
Responding to a comment when someone takes the time to 
leave one is like sending a 'thank you' for 
a gift you've been given.  
(I think most of us understand that if you've received umpteen 
comments, it's not reality to respond to each one.)  
But in our busyness - most of us will not return to the blog post 
where we left a comment to see if the blogger responded.  
So... instead of responding on the blog post where 
a comment was made - reply to the email you 
receive that a comment has been made. 
Just... click 'reply'.
Your response will be delivered to the 
commenters inbox in record time - 
no follow-up 'checking' required.
 But first - make sure you have your email address in the 
Comment Notification section.  You can find this under Settings -
 -and then Comments (near the bottom of the page).
Even my friends who have left anonymous 
comments have received my responses.
found on Etsy
Go spread some Blogging Love...

1 comment:

Helen said...

I also love to get comments on my blog. I always try to respond also. For my benefit, when I hit reply, does it go to the blog and to the person who commented? Are they getting it twice? I think I am confused, it won't be the first, and it won't be the last!


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