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Apr 28, 2012

Flower Beds For Almost Free...

There are many ways to obtain flowers - for almost no money.   
Here's one you may not have thought of...
While at a yard sale recently - I overheard the
 homeowner talking about her Johnny Jump Ups;
 showing another lady how they had spread.  
Not one to miss a golden opportunity - I chimed in
 with how lovely they were.  And.... that I'd be happy
 to buy some from her if she'd want to dig up a few.
A few minutes later - I was the proud owner of a
 generous pot of Jump Ups for $2. (More than I was expecting -
 but still a good deal!)  Today I finally planted them and
 was able to get 2 groupings out of that one pot. 
  They will spread and be gorgeous next year.
 Yard sales are a great time to learn a bit about
gardening from another homeowner - if they're
not too busy with shoppers, that is.   I've
obtained free or cheap flowers more than once...
simply by asking. I never ask for anything
they don't have plenty of and I always offer to pay.
  This is one of the ways I've grown my own flower
 gardens over the years.  Rarely have I purchased
 greenhouse or retail flowers.  Noting what grows
in my locale makes it a pretty safe bet it will
grow in the flower beds at my house.
Anybody want a few Lilies of the Valley?
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