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Mar 29, 2012

Twig Garden Trellis...

Last night I planted a few things in our tiny 
vegetable garden.  For my sugar snap peas this 
year - I decided to try an 'au natural' trellis 
for them to climb on.  
I saw this idea somewhere on the web - can't remember where.  I found and cut a few branches, stuck them in the ground and tied them together at the top to form a twig tepee...
 I told you it was tiny.  It would look better with a fence around it - but we need all the sun we can get.  Our outside dog helps keep 'visitors' at bay.
 The peas are planted around each twig trellis 
in a circle - we'll see if it works!
 And here's a shot of my side perennial flower bed
right now - before  mulching...
 I'm also trying something new with my lamium.
  I planted some in buried containers to 
see if I can contain it better.  Again - we will see.
Happy gardening everyone!
Joining the party at House of Hepworth's.
Come on over and see lots more inspiration!

1 comment:

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

I'll bet it does work! We need to get crackin' on our garden this year. We have major troubles getting enough sun, but think it was worth it to try a garden again this year. Although, be careful, tonight it is supposed to be freezing.

PS. I created letters for my banner using WORD on the computer.


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