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Mar 12, 2012

Creating Vignettes...

As I've often blogged about before - I create 
displays on top of the dress racks at the thrift 
shop where I volunteer.  
Let me share the steps I use to create 
these simple vignettes.  Remember - 
I'm working only with what is for sale in the shop - 
nothing from home and no 'display only' pieces.  
This same process works in your home.
 For the vignette below - I walked around the store 
till I found something that 'struck me' as neat 
looking and sizable for the space I'm working with.  
In this case - the primitive gift bag ($1 I think)...
Step 1 - Inspiration Piece
 Then I walked around some more till I found more primitive items to go with it.
Step 2- Build a Theme Considering the Season
We didn't have much - but I was determined to 
use what I could find.  It's also important that 
the color scheme coordinates.
Step 3 - Make Sure Colors Coordinate

 You want larger items in the back and smaller 
items in the front... in varying heights.  Sometimes 
I use risers or books to get the right height.
Step 4 - Consider Scale
It's fun to add extras if possible.  I found a piece 
of primitive tissue paper behind a cashier counter.  
I just threw it into the vignette (above).
Step 5 - Incorporate Details
I found these wooden eggs - but they would have 
been lost just sitting there.  They'd look cute in 
the  wagon.  I made some straw by cutting a piece 
of brown paper in strips.  Some bunched paper underneath topped with the strips made for 
faster filling. I also used old sewing pattern tissue  
to fill the gift bag - why not?
Another look at the finished product...
But I really wanted Spring vignettes - 
so I made sure the other 2 displays 
incorporated pastels and florals.  
There you have it - 3 vignettes in a 
row when you walk in the door - 
2 for Spring and 1 Primitive - because
that's what I could find today.
(My fav. is the sewing vignette!)


Spittin-Toad said...

Very nice!! I'm thinking of renting a space at a thrift store and have been trying to pay special attention to how it's done.

michelle said...

You did a beautiful job Joyce, I adore the little wagon with eggs. :) I hope you are well.

Deedy said...

You have a good 'touch' with styling. We have a shop, and it's always a challenge to pull things together to make a lovely display. Usually pleased with how things turn out. One hint: take a tabletop sign holder and drape it with a swatch of fabric for an instant background. 3 dimensionality is good!


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