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Mar 8, 2012

Lighting & Angles In Photos...

It's amazing the difference lighting makes in 
photos.  It's all about the right angles and your 
light source (natural light if you can) being in the right position.  I'm very much an amateur - but just look at these differences.  This first photo was taken with natural light coming in from the left (somewhat filtered with lace) and 2 table lamps on in the room...
 This one was pretty much void of any direct natural light - although it was a sunny day - and I 
think I needed to use a flash...
The following views of this dress have the same 
light sources as above.  I have relisted this dress on Etsy and wasn't happy with my original photos.  
I retook the photos today with better placement in 
my living room.   Wow - what an improvement.
Even the close-ups are different...
I'm convinced - for the most part - you don't need 
a fancy camera for good photos.  Keep playing with angles when shooting.  Turn your subject and your camera just a bit to the left or right and see what produces the best results.   For selling - the quality 
of your photos is your most important selling tool.   
(I'm sure a better photograper out there can tell me how to improve on 
these photos that are 'good' by my standards.  I'm willing to learn.)
I love my 'point and shoot'.
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Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Joyce,
What a difference lighting makes! The dress is very pretty, by the way. Thank you for your visit and your nice comment. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


fleurcottage said...

i keep intending to make a light box but am waiting on a right box...nice job!


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