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Dec 26, 2011

Handmade Free Man's Gift...

One of the gifts I gave My Love this year had to 
wait till after Christmas to show you.
(He checks my blog on occasion).  
It was my first attempt at
making a sign and it didn't get half bad.  
I found a piece of old wood on our 'pile' 
and painted it black...
  Since I don't have the envied Cricut - I found 
a coloring book style letter font on the 
Internet to print out (uses much less ink).  
Then I simply cut out the letters and used them
as stencils with some golden yellow craft paint.   
I had to lay them out for spacing first since 
I was working with a pre-cut board...

  My letters aren't quite perfect - but with a 
bit of distressing and a coat of wax- 
I'm fine with 'The Man Cave' project.
I added some eye hooks and wire to the back 
and dated it with a permanent marker.
It's ready for hanging in My Love's garage.
Would make a great gift for Father's Day or 
birthday...and you can't beat 'free'!

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