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Dec 27, 2011

Guest Post - Christmas Tree Needle Craft...

Lisa, a writer with The Blog Content Guild
contacted me about doing a guest post on my blog.  
 Lisa is from Texas and "believes 'home is where 
the heart is' and is interested in crafts, 
remodeling, and real estate" including
Austin homes for sale.
Enjoy Lisa's post for a craft idea using pine 
needles from your Christmas tree.

If your family opts for a real tree during Christmas, 
dont let all those great, shed pine needles go to waste.  
Pine needle art can be fun for both you and the kids! 
 Consider using a rough, grainy material  
in a neutral color as the backdrop for the needles.  
Take a sturdy craft glue and place the needles flat  
against the material to form a Christmas-themed 
 shape.  Sturdy craft glue is important to keep the  
needles from separating from the material. 
 I recommend Beacons 3-in-1. Framing these  
creations will protect them so they can serve as 
 holiday decorations for years to come. 
Thank you Lisa.
Sold from my Etsy shop!
Thank you Karen.

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