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Dec 21, 2011

Christmas Miracle Needed...

Have you ever needed a miracle?  Christmas - 
the season of the Greatest Miracle - seems like 
the perfect time for one doesn't it?  
But I realize God doesn't always answer our 
prayers in the way or time we would like.  
In fact, I'm not sure if He ever does. 
The Bowery Mission chapel in NYC.
We've had a family struggle for many years now.  
It's getting tiring and life is slipping by
 while we 'wait' for a resolution.  
I want to trust my Jesus with the hard stuff.  
I say that I do - but boy - 
putting it into practice is tough.
But this Christmas - I am ready for whatever 
the Lord might be saying.  If it's more 
"Be still and wait"- so be it.  
If it's "Step out and trust Me",  
or maybe "Leave the 'what-if's to Me",
I want to be OK with that too.  
But we need a clear Voice of direction.
It's Christmas... we're ready for a miracle...
On the wall in the Bowery Mission chapel.
 Thanks for allowing me a rare moment of being personal.


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Joyce, whatever it is that you're struggling with, my prayers are with you. Our God is an awesome God. May you receive your voice of direction.

fleurcottage said...

hugs, my friend, HUGS!

Kirby Dunton Carespodi said...

You have to believe that the answer is there. I have had times when I need an answer, too...my problem is that I'm so IMPATIENT! Sometimes it just takes what Buddhists call "being still" (I'm not Buddhist, but I have a friend who is)---just letting our minds go completely blank. (This is really hard for someone who is as ADD as I am.) But those are when my moments of clarity occur. I think that's when those 'messages' come forward most clearly.
Or, as my daughter puts it..."God can't get his messages through--you're living too loud."
Sorry for the prostheletizing (probably spelled wrong), but I'm hoping for the best for you! Have a peaceful holiday.

Joy said...

Thank you for your testimony on your profile.


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