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Oct 7, 2016

Ticking Meets Fall Decor...

My grouping of recent finds included some old ticking.  
Authentic ticking seems to be desirable lately judging from how it
 is moving out of my Etsy shop.  So let's take a peek around
 blogland  and get some inspiration for incorporating blue ticking
 into our fall decor!  Ready?...

First up - just combine it with some fall berries.  
The orange and blue make a wonderful pairing...

This tablescape in grounded on ticking and is almost spring-like.
  But the white pumpkins make it perfectly Fall in neutrals.

Ticking cut into strips makes great ribbon.  (As does most fabric actually!)
Add it to your fall wreaths.

Stack it with tweeds and sweaters and it's coziness heaven!...

Ticking and wool plaids... why not?

Ticking makes great fabric pumpkins.  
These cuteys are unique and available on Etsy right now!
I'm kind of cheating with this one...  See the ticking?  See the pumpkin?  
There ya go...
Isn't this a great foyer or hallway greeting.  Can't paint a fancy sign?  
Try decoupaging a fall scene on an old board with your handwritten letters.
Source unknown
It's easy to make your own fabric napkins if you can't find 
what you're looking for in the store. 
 Just hem 4 sides of a square of cloth.
And if you're looking for some old ticking - there are plenty of
 sources online.  Here's a piece that is currently in my Etsy shop...
Link to Ticking Listing
Oh isn't Fall fun?  ~Joyce


Henny Penny said...

I just love your ideas. Now maybe I can put something together for fall. Maybe I can do the sign. Seems like I made an apron and bonnet from the ticking that I had, and sold them both at the farmer's market two or three years ago.

Betsy said...

Great ideas and I have always loved blue and white ticking.


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