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Oct 20, 2016

A DIY Vertical Fall Garden...

What an awesome morning I had.  
I stopped at an unadvertised yard sale (on a Thursday!) - and had the 
unexpected pleasure of a tour of the neighbor's backyard garden.  
If you have a small space to garden - you just may be intrigued too.
   Come along...

This overall shot shows the space that was utilized... a small area between the house & garage (which sits at the rear of their lot. )

In this raised bed with poles - the owner grew about 12 tomato plants.   
They get tall - like over the top boards - and she gets ton of tomatos...

Working our way clockwise - this is the sweet potato bin.
  Normally sweet potatoes need to be grown on a hill.  But this bin
 works great with no digging needed.  The dirt is all nice and loose.
  And they showed me some of the harvested sweet potatoes - 
they were beautiful!

Directly behind the sweet potatoes - another vertical area.  
The corded trellis can be purchased online and is sturdy enough to grow watermelon and other squash.  Yes really!

These lush and tall plants are peppers - of about every variety imaginable...

To utilize even more space - some tomato plants were added right
 next to the garage wall.  This time on bamboo teepees.
And the little single squares in front of that?
They held squash...

And we're not done.  
On the other side of the small yard - I spotted this wonderful fire pit.  
It's construction is very simple.  They dug a hole and lined it with
 bricks (see them standing up down there?)  Then they went to our
 local river and helped themselves to some river rocks.  The flat
 pavers were from their own stash and weren't being used anywhere
 so they became a little 'patio'.  

'Mr. Gardener' made a few pallet chairs and wa-la - 
the cutest little backyard fire pit area you ever did see.

But there's more... hop on over to my Facebook page for 
more sightings from my morning.
Here's a teaser...

Happy Fall!  ~Joyce


Cheryl said...

This is just amazing. It sure goes to show that you don't need a large space to grown your own food. I loved this, and I want to pin the image to my Pinterest board, so I can refer to it later, should we ever have our own space again..however small it may be! You always brighten my day with your posts!

Betsy said...

Wow! They did put a lot into a be ery small space. It makes me want to start gardening again, although my favorite is the firepit area.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Such a charming fire pit! Love the stone!

Regina said...

Wow! This post has given me some great ideas for our small side yard. It's late to grow anything but next spring, my thumb will be green!

Henny Penny said...

That garden space is amazing. I'm sure looking forward to next spring. My garden this year did not do good, at all. Seeing these pictures makes me want to grow something now. :)


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