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Aug 5, 2016

A Yard Sale and a Modern Day Healing Story...

I went to several yard sales today...and found nothing.   
But I found 'something' at the last yard sale. 

It was a 'whole house' sale again.  
But this time, the owner of the house was on hand.  
Curious as to why she was selling all her possessions - I asked.  
Her answer?  She was moving to Africa to help with orphans.  

The story continued... 
Africa was the country where she grew up.   Turns out she even knows Swahali (she was very 'white').  
As we talked more - she told me she had nearly died 4 times and had been recently healed of all her diseases 
(which included a very weak heart, insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.).  
Really?  I urged her to tell me more...

Well - she had felt the Lord's call to go to Africa when she had been single - 35 plus years ago.  
But she didn't obey (her words) and rather got married to a man who wouldn't go.  The marriage proved 
very difficult as he loved another woman.  Finally - the marriage ended.  As a newly 'single' woman - 
she asked the Lord to increase her faith for healing and that she'd go or do whatever He asked.  
She prayed, studied scripture on healing, etc. A time came when she felt her faith was strong
and she asked her pastor to pray for her.  She came home from that prayer and began to exercise for an hour... 
when previously she couldn't even do 15 minutes.  It had been an 'instant' healing of all her health issues. 

Soon - another pastor came to her church and talked about the orphanage he has in Africa.  
Would she consider going to help?  It was her 'answer'.  She is selling everything and going to be a 
'grandma' in the girls' dorm. She is loving telling everyone that miracles still happen today.

Indeed they do!  If you're in need of a miracle - may this story encourage you.

On my way home I spotted these mules in a field...

...all huddled together in close fellowship...
just the way the Lord wants us to be.
Oh the treasures we can glean from a yard sale...
Enjoy your day!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

I LOVE this. I do indeed believe God still works His miracles each and every day if we will open our eyes to see them. What an inspirational story and lady. I hope you are able to continue to follow her life and give us updates.

D said...

Estate Sale? Sometimes what we are 'hunting' for is not what the Savior gives us. He gives better! A lovely story of obedience. God didn't change His mind about His calling, but I pray He will honor her time overseas, now. Even late, it is surely on time! (oh, the mules? In the last 2 weeks I have been blessed with connecting with some ladies who, like me, were hungry for the Word. Yippee!! Hopeful of fall Bible study and prayer with them, and others, as well). The picture of the mules tickled me, ha! Deedy


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