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Aug 25, 2016

Displays... Cookbooks, an Owl and Oriental...

Just sharing some of the displays I put together from donated goods
 at the thrift shop this week.  These are on top of dress racks - 
so pardon the lack of back drop, etc.  Interestingly - the one that
 photographs the best - I did not like as well in real life.  
And that would be this one...

I love to use books to give height.  And anywhere I can throw in
 some vintage - I do!  So the vintage bowl is on some contemporary cookbooks.  
Since the spines are all in the same color scheme that coordinates 
with the remainder of the grouping - they work!

Below was my favorite 'real life' display... but it falls a little flat 
when photographed I think.  Perhaps it needs something spilling
 out of that awesome vase.   At any rate - it's essentially gray, black and aqua.  
Love it!  Any guesses as to what the first thing was that sold 
out of this grouping?

And a 3rd display from the week has an oriental flavor.  The 
 chest or box was my starting point and I tried to find things
 to go with it.... not an easy task in this Pa dutch area.

Now back to my question... 
did you guess what sold first out of this display?  
Did you guess the owl?
Nope - not the owl (although everybody loved him!) 
Can you see what's missing in this photo?  Its the long pillow 
that was behind the sign.  It lasted only an hour or so once in the
 display - although had been in the store for sale for 2 days!

Gotta love playing with other people's stuff!   ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Great displays today Joyce. I did guess the owl, I didn't even see the pillow! Owls are so popular these days that I figured that as the first purchase. Thanks for sharing with us.


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