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Oct 15, 2015

Selling At An Antique Show - What I Learned...

 Last weekend I set up at my first outdoor show.  It was a Fall Festival 
on the grounds of a local tourist attraction.  The event didn't start till 
10 AM - allowing for a reasonable set-up time...yay!

Here are some things I learned...

1. Be discerning about the show itself...

       - Are there other major events happening in the area on the same day 
 that may contribute or draw away from the show?  
Contributing is good...  drawing away is not....

      - Research what the show & crowds were like in previous years
 - preferably asking a former vendor 
(unless this is the first year for the show).

 2.  A canopy is great!  
It gets people out of the sun for a more pleasant shopping experience.
(I borrowed mine this go-round.)

3.  Friends may stop by.  While visiting -  stay engaged with the shoppers.
   Otherwise - they will walk on by.  It's a natural inclination to not interrupt.

4.  A color theme makes for an attractive booth.  i.e. - white and neutrals.... 
lots of furniture and woods....  lots of textiles... etc.

I tried to incorporate greens with primitives since my banner was green
 (default color due to it being the only card stock I had on hand).   
It worked somewhat but could have been better in my opinion.
  Still - I received many compliments which warmed my heart.

5.  Incorporate seasonal items
I had primitives for fall and also some Christmas.  
Yes - some Christmas sold!

6.  Set up your stand at home and take pictures to refer to 
when setting up at the show.  Saves a lot of time & stress. 
(Especially for first shows - succeeding shows may go easier.)

7.  Accept credit cards if you at all can.  We got this free device for our phone.  
And even though the show was small - we used it!

8.  Just have fun and relax... trust your instincts.  
Much of what I thought ahead of time to do was right!

9.   Enjoy the show and mingle with other vendors.  Contacts are great!  
They may lead to future shows, sales, friends, etc.

My booth happened to be right next to the goats... loved that!
Would I do it again?  It was a lot of work - but also a lot of fun!  
Depending on the time and place - I just may... ~Joyce


Betsy said...

Lots of great tips. Thank you for sharing with us. Your both looks great and I sincerely hope you did well.

sandy said...

Your booth looks great! And while it is work, if you sell things, make some contacts, and get your name out there it's worth it! Plus it's fun!


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