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Oct 9, 2015

Prepping To Sell At An Outdoor Show...

 This weekend will hold a first for me - at least of this caliber.   
I'm planning to set up at an antique market at a local fall festival. 
 How am I getting ready?

First - I cleared by calendar for the week... 
I didn't want to have 'rushing' added to my stress.  
It has worked and I feel on schedule!

 Second - I decided I wanted to do a little advertising... 
something to set my booth apart.  
So I made a simple banner that will hang across my canopy -
(which is borrowed by the way - I put out a plea to my facebook friends!)

It's made from card stock in a funky green - 
the only card stock I had on hand (picked up a long time ago).  
So I'm 'going with it'... (the green that is...)  
I added an oval shaped dictionary page (joined 2 half circles together to make a template).  
Then stenciled my letters and filled in with marker.

I'm happy with it!

And I printed up some cards to have on hand to point people to the blog 
and ultimately my Etsy store, etc.

Third- I set up my 'booth' in my garage so that I could work at
 arranging it and know how much merchandise I needed, etc. 
 No sense just 'winging it' when I'm scurrying to set up on location.
  Then I priced each and every item... yeah - that took a while.
 (this is just a small portion of it...)

Fourth -  I packed everything up into boxes in conjunction with
 where they will be laid out on the tables.  
There's a primitive area, a linens area, a Christmas area, etc...

And one final detail - I made a few swags to hang from the corners of my canopy.  
I checked my drawer of ribbon and sure enough - also a long time ago,
 I picked up this orange roll for cheap.  That'll work!

Now - what's on my list to take with me tomorrow?

Tables, chairs, canopy, umbrella and stand (for sitting under), 
gourds (to scatter throughout the goods), paper banner and cards,
 leaves swags, calculator, bags (wish I had more!), money,
 clipboard to keep track of goods sold (to update inventory later), lunch,
my new Paypal Here credit card swiper (just in case someone has no cash)
and some Christian booklets to have on hand to share my faith if opportunity arises. 
Am I missing anything?  Guess I'll find out...
Wish me well ~ Joyce 
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1 comment:

Betsy said...

Wow! You sound very prepared. It sounds like a fun time. Wish I lived closer so I could see it all set up. Have fun and happy selling.


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