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Jul 8, 2015

Tale Of an Ikea Ektorp Chair...

 So - I've been wanting another chair for my living room.   
And on July 4th we made an impromptu trip to Ikea (1 1/2 hours away).  
I found a comfy chair...

But when I got it home I realized it was too big for my room.  
I actually realized this before I even took it out of the box but 
My Love says 'Oh we'll get it to work' and was putting 
it together before I could object... (can anybody relate?)

So now I've a too big chair that wasn't cheap that I need to make fit.  
And - I wish I would have gotten a different cover.

But - it's here - it's in the room - and in light of eternity - 
if it's not quite perfect -I realize it's a small thing.
   But I do have an extra piece of furniture or 2 now 
that will need to be moved or sold or something.
The chair IS comfy!   
Oh Ikea - everything looks so desirable in your store
and the prices seem so right that I spend more than I should.  
Good thing I don't go often!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Oh isn't Ikea great! I used to live near Philly and had an apartment full of it. Well that's another story. It is all in the hands of a dear friend who I sold it to.
But you can always get another slipcover and cover the cover. LOL. It will stay clean longer that way. I like it. I see a fluffy floral pillow in the corner and a nice afghan to curl up with. I could definitely catch a nap on that. Everybody needs a big soft chair to curl up in.
I totally relate to the hubby thing. I have to make completely sure I really want something done before I ask because there is no stopping the process once it's rolling. Aren't we lucky to have such adept men in our lives!

Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your new chair!


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