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Jul 1, 2015

Sock & Shirt Drawers - Done!...

A recent purchase inspired me to do a little drawer purging today.

I picked up this book this week for a whole 75 cents! 
(Red tags were half price.)

 I'm reading it in bits before I go to bed and yes - I'm actually 
learning a few things.  Its such an attractive book
 with great photos that it's certainly a pleasure-read.

  Today I hit my sock and long-sleeved shirts drawers.

Less 10 pair of socks and 7 shirts later...

...and I actually have a little room. 
Sometimes you just need a little 75-cent inspiration...

Psst - the quilt was made by my mother many, many moons ago.  She was not a quilter - 
but she made this one and I was blessed to inherit it.  It's on our bed daily as I refuse to not use it.  
Thank you Mommy!

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Nice job on the drawers and I love the quilt. What a wonderful thing to have from your Mom.


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