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Jul 3, 2015

Friday Finds...

There were not many garage sales in our area today
 which is often the case over July 4th weekend.  
BUT - there were a few and I found treasures at one of them.

All this - including that great condition antique quilt - for $23.
(There was was even a many-tiered wall shelf which isn't in the photo.)

Initially I wanted these old bottles of 'repellent' 
since I've not seen anything like them before -

 ... but the seller threw in all the bottles and tins for a total of 50 cents.  
Sure why not?  This tiny tin is just 15/16" across!
 And a nice little surprise...
So much was clumped together in the final cost that these 
still 'new' flavored coffee scented candles are essentially free!  
They'll be perfect for my gift closet. (Gotta keep that well stocked!)

White ironstone is always a great find.
This time its in the form of butter pats.  That'll work! 

I probably didn't need another laundry basket...
but I couldn't let it sit there.  They make great-looking storage!
Sigh...  I love me a good garage sale morning.  

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Great finds! I've never seen bottle like that either. We haven't had many sales around here because it's plain old too hot. 101F outside right now. I am hibernating in the basement with my knitting. :-)


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