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Dec 5, 2013

No Money Spent Christmas Front Porch...

Today was the day to tackle the porch (from my list.)  
The weather was warmer than normal - so  outside I went.  
This was a $0 spent project - reusing what I have on hand.  
First up - some ribbon bows for my driveway lights...

...also for the rail fence swags...
It took me all morning to do this.  The tree took a while 
to assemble.  AND - I encountered a furry creature near my stash.  AHH!  
Yep - I screamed several times.  Turned out to be a 
squirrel but I screamed anyway (it was cute tho!)
That tree was a cast off from a neighbor - for free! 
(Funny how they learn who in the neighborhood might want their 'old stuff'.)   
The pinecones are just snuggly resting in there - no wires or hangers.
I filled this barrel with logs and added faux branches and huge pinecones.
Ditto with this old wash tub.

Not sure I'm loving this double wreath thing I did - 
but it can stay for now.
Glad to have it done.  My Love will add the lights (if I ask nicely).

  Sometime it would be interesting to look at my home with 
fresh eyes and ask myself 'what would look good there?' 
as opposed to always working with whatever I have on hand.  
Sometime?.... nah, probably not.

1 comment:

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

It looks lovely and very festive Joyce! I love that is cost $0!!


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