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Dec 11, 2013

Christmas Sweetness From A Store Clerk...

 I'm taking a break from my Christmas decor
 to share a sweet thing that happened to me today.

At Kmart I exchanged a few friendly words with the 
check-out clerk and complimented her on her cheeriness.  
Next thing I knew she said, 'Let me give you a Christmas card.'  
And sure enough - she put a handmade card featuring 
poinsettias - a favorite of hers she said - into my bag.

She had a small stack there ready to hand out -
 but didn't appear to be giving them to every customer.  
I am honored and I love Christmas cards.
  What a sweet thing for a store clerk to do.
  She even signed her name!  
Spread the Love of Christmas? Yes we can!

1 comment:

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Very sweet! Cashiers have it hard this time of year with all the hustle bustle, so it makes it all the more special that she took the time to do that.


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