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Dec 4, 2013

Christmas Vignette Ideas...

Well due to prior commitments -  I'm accomplishing 
absolutely nothing on my list today - but tomorrow is another day!  

I did, however, get to play at the thrift shop (my volunteer thing I do.) 
I'm enjoying putting together Christmas vignettes on the 
dress racks with whatever I can find in-house.
 Here's some of what I came up with today...
 (apologies for blurring & difficulty in visualizing these due to no backdrop...)

  This grouping incorporates some greens (a must for Christmas)
rolling pin, cutting board, green metal tree,
 silver and gold packages (candle holders),
 small crate and those awesome green and gold ornaments. 

Some old Christmas music combined with more 
wooden pieces and a plaid bow creates another grouping...
This little vignette features a few more kitchen items - 
again with greens and I threw a candle in there.
...but my definite favorite from today was the rolling pin display...

Now... to get busy in my own home... soon!

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