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Oct 17, 2012

Vignette Day...

Wednesday is often my day of play.  
I create a few vignettes at a thrift shop - or 'play'.  
Here are some of today's creations...

Kinda a grape/wine theme going on in this one...
That pillow is the last 1 from several that were donated.

Apologies for the glare - but I'm liking the bears 
and outdoors theme for the men's rack.
(Couldn't believe it when I found a book with that bear face on the front.)
Cabin is a planter and only $2!
And lastly - this bit of Fall.  I like the black books added to the mix.  
Actually - most decor looks good with a bit of black.
That bouquet has been sitting around for a couple of weeks now.  
I'm thinking it's time to reduce the price.
Coffee pot only $5 and will be half price Fri. night!

At home - I've lots of recently acquired inventory I'm
 needing to process.  Stay tune to my Etsy shop!

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