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Oct 20, 2012

My Book Pages Banner...

Yeah - I know - book page banners are everywhere.
  I'm usually a little slow with these things.

 But tonight - I got out some stencils (easier to me than downloading
or printing a font) and made my version.   I actually used a 2 page 
thickness - (no gluing needed) - 1 page was just too thin. 
 Steps (or mini tutorial):

1.  Take a fancy scissors to the sides to even things up a bit

2.  Make a pattern for the bottom edge so each page will be the same

3.  Place top edge of letter stencil desired distance (1" in my case) from page top 
edge and use a black marker to fill in
4.  Cut the bottom 'V' that was traced earlier with the pattern

5.  Make 2 holes w/ a hole punch on each page.  I eye-balled - 
aiming for center of each of the typed columns on the page - 
and then as deep as my hole punch would go

6.  Thread ribbon through the pages that is wider than the holes 
(no sliding that way)
This was a fast and easy project and well suited to my ability level.
   The original plan was to make 'Blessed' but it was too long
and I couldn't find my 'D' stencil.  Oh well,  'Bless' is a good reminder as
 we approach the Thanksgiving season.
By the way - did you know Lowe's sells stencils? 
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fleurcottage said...

nicely done! i like 'bless' - it speaks!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Very nice!!!! Looks great along the fireplace...


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