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May 3, 2012

What I'm Pinning & Why...

Yessireee - I love Pinterest.  I'm not one who pins everything in
sight.  I pin just what is truly me....what I might realistically use 
as an idea down the road....or what inspires me right now.  
Let me share a few of most recent pins.  Seeing what someone 
pins is like a peek into their soul.  Have a peek in mine...

I love me simple vignette and centerpiece ideas.  
I'm thinking a brown paper bag 'vase' will elevate
 just about any floral arrangement to country
 simplicity at it's best...
source - BHG
 While this is more a display than an actual space - 
I love the coloring & casualness of this little teardrop
 camper vignette.  It just speaks to me...
Laurie Anna's
I'm in love with modesty.  First and foremost because
 it is what is befitting a child of the King (which I am)
 - but secondly - because it's just so cute.  BHG offers
 free instructions for this circle skirt...
 We have a canoe.  And I while My Love and I have
 taken it 'down the crik' more than once - I'd like to
 do it in pure romance fashion.  There's inspiration
in this photo galore...
 Everything in this centerpiece is so easily available -
 and the styling simple and doable...
 that makes it a winner in my book...
From the Farm Chicks
Since 2 of us (me included) eaten gluten free 
in our home (before it was such a dietary 'hit') -
 I'm always on the lookout for simple
 recipes that can be revised.  These Crockpot 
Chicken Tacos are my latest find - 
substitute corn tortillas and I'm good to go...
Have you pinned any of these?

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