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May 30, 2012

Garden Things...

I've been playing in my yard a bit -  just placing
 things here and there for the summer months.  
My favorite by far is this bistro set I added to my
 front yard.  An old sprinkling can filled with larkspur
 makes an instant bouquet.  Oh - and the bistro set -
 it was a free find from a few years ago! 
(yeah I know - I couldn't believe it either.)
 We have almost no road frontage - its right out front
 - next to our little Asian pear tree...
For lack of garden space - my tomatoes are riding 
in style in one of the few sunny locations on our
 ...which is also right by the road...I'm deciding it's
 OK to do what I gotta do.  More on this wagon later.
 It's in the midst of an overhaul - and is sorta an
 'oops' project - but I'm making the best of it...

A new purchase from our local KMart - the 'wicker'
 loveseat helps dress up our front porch.
 My Ikea pitcher continues to get new arrangements
 as I trim my flower beds.  Everything looks
good in this pitcher.
Oh - and I have some surprise plants that sprang up
 in my flower bed.  They look awful - but more free
 tomatoes and possible gourds work for me!
 Do you ever get unexpected free plants in your beds?
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1 comment:

sandy said...

Love your Bistro set ( can't beat the price! ) and your wagon. Your yard looks beautiful! Have a great week! Stop over for a visit to my blog! ;)


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