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Jan 27, 2012

Delivering A Meal...

My brother is having a difficult health time 
right now.  This morning I quickly made a bit of 
food to help out (less cooking for his wife).  
Since they love antiques and live in an authentic 
log house - I packaged the items accordingly.  
Freshly made Hearty Pork Rice Soup (because 
my bro. doesn't like chicken) went into some 
blue Mason jars...
Made a double batch so we can have some too.
 Freshly made potato salad (his special request) 
went into a vintage blue enamel dish...
Those are donut holes and chocolate candy on top.
 With a vintage towel lining a old market basket - 
it was a cute, if quick, delivery for today.   
I added an inspirational post card and will try
to take them more goodies from time to time. 
It doesn't take much to show a little
love and care.
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W. Haskell Coffin Pin Keeper


Ann said...

Perfect meal--it looks oh so yummy. They will be so pleased I'm sure. The packaging looks really neat too.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello, these are the things I like to read about.Everyday living, what's going on with others~Cheers Kim


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