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Aug 18, 2011

Cinnamon Buttermilk Coffee Cake...

This week I made the most delicious coffee cake.  I used 
gluten free flours in mine - and it was so good you couldn't 
even tell it wasn't regular wheat flour...
 Cinnamon Buttermilk Coffee Cake
                   2 c. flour                               1 t. cinnamon
                   2 c. brown sugar                   1 egg
                   1/2 c. butter                          1 c. buttermilk
                   1/3 c. flour                            1/2 c. chopped nuts 
                   1 t. baking soda

Cut butter into 2 c. flour and brown sugar till it resembles course meal.  Set aside 3/4 c. of this mixture for topping.  To remaining flour mixture add 1/3 c. flour and dry ingreds.  Mix well and add 
egg and buttermilk.  Mix just till dry ingred. are moistened.  Pour into greased 9" square pan.  Mix the 3/4 c. mixture and the nuts.  Sprinkle over top.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 min.  
Cool in pan and cut.

My thrifty variations:  for the buttermilk, I used milk that had gone 'bad' in my fridge.
I only had 1 1/2 c. brown sugar - so used gran. sugar for the last 1/2 c.
Almonds were the only nuts I had on hand - so that's what I used.
Today's Etsy Listing
2 Children's Wonder Story Books

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Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Yummy yummy! How was the rest of your day at the ant mall?

I have some of those children's books... just picked them up recently! (The Surprise Doll) They are too cute...I want to keep them for Bebe to read!


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