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Aug 31, 2011

Autumn Farmhouse Inspiraton...

This is the time of year that my thoughts turn a bit more 
to the country and primitive side of the decorating scale.  
Enjoy some inspiration from the files of Pinterest...
Spools are easy to come by...
Flowers, pumpkins and vases or urns.
Gourds, mixed colored candles and leaves.

Don't have a tall basket?  Use a short one.
White lights on twigs in galvanized buckets w/ pumpkins.
Branches w/ leaves in a vase.
Any metal bucket will do.

Throw forest finds in an orange bowl.
Great ideas here - I think I'd add an orange pumpkin.
Any short step ladder will do - painted or not.
For photo sources - see my Pinterest Autumn Ideas Board

 And look what's growing in my garden right now...

It's 14" long and our first ever!

1 comment:

michelle said...

LOVE these images Joyce and today it feels so much like fall here I am thinking about pumpkins. :)
Enjoy your day!


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