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Sep 21, 2015

A Mennonite Flea Market...

Over the weekend - I spent a morning with a friend at a new-to-me local 
community day.   There was a big field of flea-market style stands
 where the locals were selling their wares.  As we were waiting to
 enter the field - this scene was out my truck window...

The field was large - the stands were many - and while this wasn't literally
 a 'Mennonite flea market' - many of the stand holders were indeed
 Mennonite or Amish.  What fun!  (Especially since I ascribe to that faith myself.)

One family embraced Fall in their painted jars display...

...while another was pointing toward Winter and Christmas... 
(loved the old shutter!)

I returned a 2nd time to this custom made umbrella on a wooden rod.

The price was just $25 and I loved the vintage fabric!  But I couldn't justify 
another umbrella (just bought one) - so it stayed behind...

I was fascinated with this dear lady making custom balloon animals.
25 cents per twist I think...

It was a facebook friend that introduced me to the event.  
When I returned home - I (and the rest of FB land) 
discovered she had caught me on camera.  
(That's me on the left - fussing over some handmade crafts available in this Etsy shop....)

This horse waiting patiently made a great Fall scene as 
we were exiting the show....

Now what did I find?  
No furniture (which I needed) - but plenty of other goodies...

These little repro wire carriers were just $4 -
 and that included 2 pint sized glass bottles!  (I'm thinking future gift...)

The star will join my Christmas stash.  The cigar box?  
Can't wait to see how it does on Ebay.  I couldn't find another like it.

The Peter Rabbit Christmas book is also less-than-common...

This little guy will look cute in my booth space.  
He's not old but is super sweet!

Ribbon and old red linens always catch my eye...

And if I would have needed fabric or handmade dresses -
they were in abundance!  My friend scored big time.

And thank you to my facebook friend for inviting me.
We're already talking about going next year.  
 (Note to self- Remember sunscreen!)

Now I've got to get busy pricing and listing...


Tina Gehman said...

Looks like you made some great finds! What fun it is to go treasure hunting :)
It was very nice meeting you at East End Days.

Betsy said...

How fun! I would have loved to be there with you. The dresses you mentioned caught my attention as I seem to have difficulty finding modest dresses in stores these days. I like all of your finds for the day too.


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