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Feb 15, 2015

Our Winter Vacation...

Most people go south to warmer climates for winter. Us?  
Well - it was a bit milder where we went - but it sure wasn't south!

Enjoy  just a few photos of our recent trip to the state of WA.

Ever hear of Leavenworth?  It's an adorable recreated 
Bavarian town right here in the ol' USA.  The town was dying 
in the 60's along with their logging industry.  Taking a cue from
 their landscape - they went 'Alpine' to bring in tourism.  
And it worked!  We loved this town (notice I found a thrift store)...

 And the countryside of Leavenworth is equally charming.  
Its best to have an all wheel drive vehicle as you
 never know what conditions you may encounter.
 In Seattle, we visited Pike's Place market.  I found a stand that
offered gluten free baked goods and happily paid $5 for a big cookie!
 We also visited my dear big brother who is an organic dairy farmer.
That would be me and My Love on the left and my brother and sis-in-law on the right

 He also co-pastors a Mennonite church they moved out to help start.   
It is doing well - it's always exciting to see God changing lives.
We're back on PA soil and it is brutally cold.  But as always - 
it is good to be home.
My next project is a Valentine themed couple's party.
Join me this week as I continue to plan and work on details.

Feeling thankful!  ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Leavenworth!!!! My dear Hubby and I go there a couple of times a year. We love the food there and it's just so fun to browse the shops too. The scenery is breathtaking isn't it? I've only been to Pikes Place once because I detest the Seattle traffic.

I enjoyed the picture of you and your "Love" and your brother and wife. How sweet to be with family. Where is their church located?



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