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Feb 19, 2015

My Studio Couch & Storage Room...

A few years ago - I inherited a couch.  It came as a big surprise.  

Apparently many years ago when visiting this friend -
 I had mentioned how neat I thought her 'couch' was.
  It was unique with no sides or back in the most
 wonderful brocade fabric.  
I barely remember that conversation - but she remembered.

She contracted cancer and decided she wanted me to have her 
'studio couch' upon her death.  Oh my -how does one accept such a gift?
We weren't even related.
But she had the unique gift of giving - and accept her gift I did.
I moved it to my 'overflow' room.  A room that had
just become empty because my daughter moved out.   
It's my 'play' room - and inventory storage room.
And although not properly decorated - 
I'm going to give you a tour anyway.  
The music stand is my daughter's; waiting for her to
 reclaim it when she has the space...
 The crib was a too good a deal to pass up ($25 I think).  
And after I worked so hard to find a mattress for it and cover it - 
I'm having trouble parting with it - so here it is...
 More treasures and leftovers from other rooms reside in the corner...

 There are actually 2 rooms here - but one will do for today...

The dress belonged to my grandmother - her wedding dress.  
I never knew her, nor did my mother - but maybe I'll
 save that story for another post...
 A few more goodies reside in the dormer...

 ...and we're back to the studio couch niche.  
 And guess what?
Just yesterday - for the first time - someone slept on my little couch.
And they liked it!  I can't tell you how good that felt.
Maybe my storage room can be a guest room too!

After all - memories live here - good memories.  
And I'm thinking that's what makes a room after all.  Blessings to you!~Joyce

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Betsy said...

I liked your tour today. Your "overflow" room looks as though it holds many treasures dear to your heart. We see so many so called "perfectly decorated" and staged rooms online these days. I always wonder where the heart and memories are. I can see them on your blog. In a real home, Congratulations on your new addition. :-)


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