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Jun 12, 2014

Free Living Room Furniture...

I never ceased to be amazed at what people give away.   
Sometimes my inner pride voice wants to say 
'I should be embarrassed to take this', especially
 when they know I'm taking it.  But hey - "one person's junk..."
And I like to give away too.  So free?  You betcha!

I now have not one, but two free white wicker chairs in my living room.  
There are no cushions yet, but they're actually very comfortable as is.   
And I may or may not get around to giving them a coat of paint.

Now the little slipper chair that was in here previously 
can go back to my bedroom where it belongs...
 I also recently picked up this heavy gold double frame 
for a whole 75 cents.  In lieu of any great photos of My Honey and I... 
I've added some photos snipped from a calendar that featured old photos.  
(It pays to hang onto such stuff.  I've a file of neat ephemera.)

 I plopped it on the fireplace hearth since table space
 is at a premium in this room.
So what about you... will you willingly take a 'freebie' - 
especially when the 'giftor' knows you're taking it? 
Here's to keeping 'stuff' a low priority in our lives.
  'Cause really - that's all it is.  But it is FUN!

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