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Nov 24, 2013

Hospitality During a Remodel...

So - we're in the middle of redoing our living room.
   We've been working in there a whole week...

... and while we have made good progress - guests were 
coming for dinner today and we were NOT done!  
Where to eat?  Our 'dining room' (it's really a family room with a table in it) 
is full of furniture from the living room with no room to walk.  
Ditto for our kitchen.  So - we got creative...

We threw down a rug on the living room floor -
 moved our kitchen table onto it...

 ...added some candles and lace (cause this gal has plenty of both)...
My little secret - an extra layer of lace in the center hides flaws!
... and we had dinner in our big empty  living room.  

Now tomorrow - we whisk it all away and
 continue our renovating.

And nope - it's not going all as planned. 
(Do home improvement projects ever go as planned?)  
Turns out I dislike the paint color - so we'll  be changing that.
  And the super duper polyurethane the store man talked us into - 
is not performing as promised.  So we'll be doing yet another layer.  
But - we're having a good time working together - My Love and I.  
And in light of Eternity - I realize its all just 'stuff'.

But Thanksgiving is just four days away...  AHHH!!!

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