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Nov 9, 2013

Eye Candy From My Day...

I did some shopping today at new (to me) thrift shop.  
The women's 'boutique' and antiques room was just filled 
with inspirational ideas and displays.  Most of them were 
'for display only' - but oh what fun eye candy!
  This branch and ornament display was my favorite - 
and probably the most simple replicate...

Beneath it was this table of fall goodness.  
I didn't see one thing for sale in that whole vignette...  
...but what fun to look and look...
 The old tool box was 'for sale' - but none of the items in it...

Have a closer look at that huge sheet music wreath - see the 
buttons?  And how about those jewelry encrusted shoe forms?
There was another neat sheet music wreath -
 coupled with an old window frame.  
The walls were covered in book pages in this corner  
and yep - that's an aqua canning jar chandelier'! 
This crib mattress bedspring display piece is holding 
another very unusual wreath.  Is that rolled paper?
(I actually love the great graphics of that metal label!)
There was a wall of antique lingerie items in  great neutrals 
that served as a nice complement to the varied
 colored shoes that were for sale.
Lastly - they did a wall in burlap feedbags and
 had some fun with a mannequin.  
Burlap and glitz - how's that for trend setting?   
And at a thrift shop no less!

Did all this 'stuff' make you want to create?  Me too!

1 comment:

Sherri B. said...

We love to go to the thrift shops that are for the animals..they have yet to disappoint and it looks like your new to you thrift is a keeper too. xo


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