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Oct 14, 2013

Groceries For Pastor Appreciation...

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  At church, 
we were asked to bring groceries as a Harvest Home 
blessing for our Pastor.  When we arrived at church yesterday 
with our contribution in hand - we were blown away...

 We are a bit new to the church so didn't know what to expect.  
They do this every year.  Isn't it amazing?  
I'm loving that produce section in the center.
Apparently they begin set-up the week before.
(This collection is for 2 pastors - but I'm still in awe!)
 They even do a small display in the vestibule as you enter.  

And get this - it's organized by 2 men! 
 I just love it! 
What an outpouring of love.
What does your church do for Pastor Appreciation?

1 comment:

Hives and Honey Bees said...

This is beautiful!! We do a pot-luck dinner and gifts of money as well as fun gift baskets.


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