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Oct 1, 2013

Budget Fall Table ...

Tis Fall!   So I set a simple fall table for our guests 
this weekend.  I decided to forego a tablecloth - 
and used a scarf as a runner instead.  
(Yes, a scarf that we wear!)
The trug or faux wooden bowl is filled with some fall garland, 
wooden gourd, huge scissors or clippers, faux silver fruit, 
a horn, a fall candle in a yard sale container...

...some old photos and pheasant feathers.
In other words - I went around my home and gathered whatever looked 'fall'.
Under it all is a crocheted runner to lighten it.
That would be me - doing my thing... 
Fall paper napkins are from Dollar Tree.  
I prefer paper napkins when the menu includes a tomato dish - 
and we were having baked tacos (which were a hit by the way)!
The trug is sitting on an ornate black picture frame.  
Average price here is 50 cents a piece. (The bowl was $5 I think.)
 At each place setting (on sheet music place mats)
 I added a tea light.  Gotta have candles! 
Oh - and chocolate...heart shaped peppermint patties from a discount grocer. 

Tea lights aren't the most attractive by themselves - 
so I gave mine a little update with brown craft paper (hot glued!).
 They are sitting on a leaf from my dogwood tree inside 
glass dishes that I picked up from the quarter man 
at an auction last year... yes 25 cents for all 4!
I'd love to hear about your Fall tables!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Very pretty Joyce! I have been wanting to try baked tacos. I mentioned you on my blog today and left a link. :)

D said...

Joyce...very pulled together! Love that you 'house shopped'. The vintage photos added to the bowl were a sweet touch...D.


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