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Nov 10, 2012

Quick Junk Mail Project...

So now I'm making projects from my junk mail?
(This project was a 'fail'....  The edges curled up - needs more tweaking!)
  This advertising magnet was in my mail the other day.  
I hesitated to toss it (yep - it's a sickness) - but it was ugly
 and not something I wanted to look at on my fridge.
  Perhaps I could make it more interesting...
 I took a vintage calendar image and decoupaged it to the front.  
That's it...
Love those ladies ice skating in skirts!
  It's not perfect... You can see the lettering underneath if you look close. 
(I should have blacked that out.) 
  And a black frame around the whole thing would make it 'pop'.  
But it has possibilities and now I know for next time! 
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fleurcottage said...

braink, cool & smart! :)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh wow... I love this! I just did something similar to all my ad magnets...I sprayed them with chalkboard paint!

easy peasy! Love these types of things. ~via, FJI, Pat


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