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Nov 7, 2011

Quick Curtain Tie Backs...

I needed some tie backs for a few thrifted curtains.
(Warmer curtains for the colder months ahead). 
Using some extra fabric from another curtain - 
I cut it into strips and braided it. 
Sorry for the blur - no tripod at the time...
It was a quick and essentially free project.  My only 
purchase was for a bag of plastic rings - thrifted at
35 cents.  I stitched them to the ends to attach to 
cup hooks in the window frame.  I needed 3 cup hooks - 
and that's exactly how many I had in my 'stash'.
At night time - I can simply unhook the tiebacks 
and we'll be nice and cozy.
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and Nifty Thrifty Tuesday Party 


A Few Pennies said...

Hi Joyce! Love that idea--rainy today and had a thought in my head to get my curtains back for some sunlight--this would work for me! Thanks for inspiring--wish me some sunshine tomorrow. patty

michelle said...

Great idea! I am was looking for some tiebacks but now I think I will use left over material to do this, thanks Joyce!!
I love being cozy in the winter. :)


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