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May 20, 2011

Photo Prop Inspiration...

Since I sell on Etsy and Ebay - I'm always looking to produce interesting photos of my wares.  I need photo taking ideas that are simple and don't take too long to put together.  These photos,
mostly from Etsy sellers, offer great inspiration.  Take note 
of the backgrounds and props.  In this first photo - 
a green chair makes a nice table and adds a pop of color 
to the otherwise neutral elements.  
Item being sold is the little set of drawers...
Love this display of books, etc., used to highlight the lamp.  Everybody has some books!  Great background on this one too.  (Technically, this one is not selling something - but it could be!)
This muffin tin would not be nearly as exciting if it were empty...
Sometimes - the props can be just about anything to add a little interest.  Who would have put rolled up sheet music and a 
folding ruler together?  This seller did!
The graphics and coloring of the book make a great 
background for this ring...
You can't go wrong with painted brick walls.  Lovely use of items to sell the wooden oval clock case...
Hope you enjoyed the photo taking inspiration as much as I did.  I might do this again!


Ann said...

Super inspirational photos. Love that green chair-I need one for one of my gardens.

Barbara Jean said...

Great inspiration!
Enjoying my stroll through your posts.

barbara jean


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