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May 3, 2011

I Luv Thrifting...

While I go to the big Goodwills and Salvation Armies - my favorite thrift stores are the smaller church or local charity run stores. 
Let's go inside this little place (that I visit once a month)
and see what we find today...
Oh look - what is that - in a basket no less?
I thought so - 20 restaurant ware plates in a dark pink.  
(I won't tell you how cheap these were...)
A few inches further - there lies a little bag with some 
cuties inside - marked $1...
Amongst the ladies shoes - found these paisley beauties 
by Kenneth Cole ($2 I think!)...

And in the next aisle - oh what is that?  A roses covered 
sewing box with a little drawer?
And when I opened the lid...oodles of thread on wooden spools!
Back at home - my finds from that one little stop 
made a delightful collection.
I had also found that lovely green vintage hat in the same store...
and a neat summer black skirt for me (love this fabric)... $3!
Remember that little plastic bag - it held metal bamboo style 
corn picks.  Unmarked - but so sweet!
Oh - I love thrifting!
And those shoes - not for me - just so ya know.
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