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Nov 18, 2016

Doing an Outdoor Vendor Show - What To Take...

Tomorrow (Dec. 19th) - I'm doing an outdoor Christmas vendor show.  
I thought I'd share with you what I take along to these events.  
Also - here are the details so that you can come on out and say 
'hi' if you're in the South Central PA area.

In addition to the basics one might think of - I always use tablecloths.  
They set the stage for the 'look' that I am going for.  For this show -
 I hope to do a rustics and country theme - thus the plaids and red
 trimmed beige fabric.  I also plan to do a more neutrals and elegant  table - 
so I threw in some creamy white lace.

The rest of my checklist includes:  Plenty of cash and small bills,
 my Paypal Here device (to take credit cards), bags, clipboard and pens 
(to keep track of sales), extra tags, string, marker and scissors, 
promo cards and a banner with my name...

I'm also taking wooden crates for the back of my tables 
(provided by venue - but I'm taking an extra one).  I'll place a
 wooden shutter on these to create a shelf.  And since it is
 Christmas - I'll add fresh greens here and there - thus the bucket...

Everything is tagged (tagging takes the longest!) and packed in the
 truck and ready to go for tomorrow AM.  I allowed myself this
 whole week to get ready.  Some people do not tag their
 merchandise at a flea market - and that is easiest -
but many shoppers dislike asking a price - so I tag.

Additionally - think about weather gear (coats?) and a canopy
 (I'm going without one this time) and lunch if needed.   
Oh - and if you can get help - do!  My Love is coming along - 
in fact he'll do most of the loading & unloading for me while I 'display'.  
I dare say - I couldn't take do this without him .
  I'll need to buy him lunch for sure.  
Wish me well and would love to meet you!  ~Joyce

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Barb Diffenderfer said...

Sorry I didn't get this till Sat. and read it at 6:00! I would have loved to meet You! You had beautiful weather. Hope you had everything away BEFORE the cold front came through! We are watching it sleet from the warm! Have a blessed Sunday!


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