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May 3, 2014

Twig Garden Fence...

  We're not great gardeners.  And to make matters worse - 
we have an 80 lb. dog who is very destructive.   
(She has the run of the backyard with an invisible fence).   
I figured its no use even attempting a vegetable garden this year - 
unless we can fence her out.   But a 'real fence' just wasn't happening.  
So - I took it on myself to begin the build of a twig fence.   
Sometimes the wife has to start something... 
and then the hubby will have pity and help...

We have caught the dog trying to get in - and get in she did...
Taken by My Love - with his super duper camera!
But I remain hopeful that she will respect this boundary 
as she does some other 'flimsy' gates, etc. that we use. (One can hope!)
 So far - a few broccoli plants, one zucchini, snap peas,
 lettuce and red beets have been sown.

The back section is wire mesh for climbing plants.

Wish us well - we may need it!

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