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Dec 5, 2012

The Tree...

In my faith - there is much concern over anything that could be 
considered an 'idol' in one's life.  At Christmas time - the tree 
can be seen as that.  Every year I challenge myself with the thought - 
'Could it still be Christmas to me without a tree?"  
I love Christmas decorating - the same as I love all home decor.  
But that is not the Christmas story - only a part of
 homemaking at this time of year.
  We've been doing a tabletop tree - it fits in our already 
crowded living room with no rearrangement necessary.   
Indeed - I could do no tree - but I do love to sit by the twinkle 
lights at night and the ornaments are fun to collect.
  I've used the same color scheme for years - rose and gold. 
And every ornament has been gathered for next to nothing.  
Do you shop yard sales for Christmas?

1 comment:

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The tree looks really beautiful! I am an avid after Christmas clearence shopper. Not only do I get good deals, but by the following Christmas I've forgotten what I've bought so it is fun for me when I get out my decorations because I get to see my new stuff. :)


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